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THEOREM is a sonorous project of the freelance artist and author C.S. Hauser
founded and created on 11/11/2001 in Cologne.

On this project, C.S. Hauser intended to incorporate the modern crisis itself
and bring it up to the people`s minds and eyes by using electronic sound
parts closely connected with words as well as pictures.

The Art and THEOREM

THEOREM portrays a paralysis of all words that nail down like ringing hammers
leading people to emotions again and again.

Words brought to our ears over and over
Words drawing a clear line
Words that have to remain monotonous to be drummed into the listener
Words left over like dead cartridges at the edge of a war.

THEOREM portrays a multimedia representation of the tensions and events of
the world`s current situation
Pictures brought to our eyes every day
Pictures that seem to be far away from us
Pictures well known to us out of our dreams
Pictures that became our nightmares.

The Beats and THEOREM

THEOREM portrays a sonorous unit gaining its rules out of puristic small
electronic elements.
Beats, distorted bass sounds and sampled speech
are facing the voice of C.S. Hauser.
Beats forcing your body into motion
Beats hitting you like the stroke of a whip
Beats portraying words and pictures